Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting My Magnum On.

Holy Guacamole.

I just discovered (accidentally) the most awesome thing ever.

Our beach house was hit by lightning several weeks ago. We had to get a new TV. We had to get a new Sony Bravia 46-inch TV (had. to. *wink*). The beauty of this TV is not only that it fills the space above the fireplace but that it has the ability to get Netflix DIRECTLY TO THE TV!!

You just need a little wireless doohickey (similar to a flash drive) that plugs into one of the USB ports (I know!! How far has TV come?!) and you can instantly stream movies and TV shows right to your television for $8.99 per month!! You can tell how excited I am by the number of exclamation points I am using. !!!

So, not only have I watched Steve McQueen sent instantly to my TV in the form of Bullitt (The Getaway was only available through mail and is on its way to me as we speak, as is Sex and Lucia, The Philadelphians and the original Thomas Crown Affair) and The Paper Chase (who remembers this movie which was subsequently made into a series?), Barry Lyndon (before Ryan O'Neal was loony), Amelie, It's Complicated...I have just streamed in two seasons worth of Magnum, P.I. God, I was in love with Tom Selleck in college and "dated" a guy who reminded me exactly of him. Sigh. Yes, dated in quotes. Don't judge.

Netflix should be paying me is how much I love this service. Check it out. The picture's so excellent, too.
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