Thursday, January 13, 2011

Move, Veuve.

There's a new girl in town and her name is Rose. She's bubbly and likes to party.

I had this on New Year's and it's my new favorite. Super yum. Try adding a sugar cube with a few drops of bitters and 1 oz. of Grand Marnier (to 3 oz. champagne) in a sugar-rimmed glass. Buzz and sugar buzz.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Am a Beekmaniac.

I've been tweeted!! I'm so excited!
Visit their store here and buy their stuff!!

I am certain that I am way late to the party. The Beekman Boys party, that is.

While shopping at Terrain a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a book, The Bucolic Plague. I bought it for my husband for Christmas because I loved the idea of the story and it's his dream - goats and all - to become a gentleman farmer.

Meanwhile, I found myself flat on my back with no reading material so I picked it up and read it straight through. It's very funny and sweet and charming and fabulous: Two boys from New York buy upstate mansion with farm; goats happen, comedy (and fabulous dinners cooked from farm-grown goodness) ensues.

Anyway, this story is adorable, as are its characters (Farmer John, anyone?). I totally related to the fact that Josh, the author, from Wisconsin, got his start detasseling corn (as did I and Cindy Crawford [I like to compare myself with Cindy Crawford whenever possible]). Note to Josh: You detassel the female corn so the male corn doesn't fertilize it, thus ruining the hybrid.

Because of the book and my new obsession, I discovered that they have a shop here where they sell beautiful goat milk soap from their farm as well as goat cheese (cleverly named Blaak) and handmade letter-pressed cards, among other things. They have even renovated an empty hotel in their little town, Sharon Springs, into a storefront shop so we can visit!

They also have a show about to enter its second season on Planet Green called "The Fabulous Beekman Boys." I have watched the episodes available on On Demand and now am in serious love with these boys.

I love the idea of the sustainable farm (it's the future, people!) and the goats and the boys and the town and the small-town goings-on. I am ordering goat milk soap today and some Christmas cards for next year (actually, I already missed the boat on that). Here's the link if you're inclined to do the same: If you do, just know you are supporting a small farm and community (also the future, people!).
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