Sunday, August 2, 2009

Perfect for a Rainy Summer Afternoon.

The scenery in A Summer Place is just breathtaking (it's supposed to be set in Maine but was shot mostly around Carmel and Monterey, CA) and the beautiful old oceanfront Queen Anne inn really exists (although now it's private property). An equally gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright beach house appears later in the film (and really exists on Scenic Drive in Carmel).

In addition to the beautiful properties, the storyline is really romantic. It's about a man who revisits (with his frigid bitch of a wife and lovely teenage daughter, played by Sandra Dee) the inn where he had a summer job as a lifeguard and a summer romance with a guest's daughter. He discovered that the guest's daughter married the innkeeper's son and they now run the place. There's lots of mad love and drama and sex - it was really quite racy for its time (1959).

You can probably rent it if your video store still exists (I bought it from the local record store).


JennyMac said...

Excellent rec! Since there are no good current films out, this sounds like a great pick.

Foquinha! said...

what can i say? so beautiful!
Romantic and dramatic storyline! Your blog is a enchantment for the eyes! i like it much!

Unknown said...

Such a good movie with an amazing setting! I always thought it was Maine, thanks for setting me straight on this!


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