Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Tea Party's Almost Over (Bring Liquor!).

Don't miss tonight's debate between U. S. Senate candidates Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons. If you can't watch tonight, then you'll want to remember to watch Bill Maher on Friday and/or SNL on Saturday for the highlights.

It's on at 7:30 EST on your local PBS station... brought to you by the letter D (for Dumb Dangerous Disastrous Delaware).


David said...

I've been thinking of you and wondering when you'd say something about this =)

hello gorgeous said...

Oh, god, I was hoping it would go away...

Actually, Chris is my neighbor. I have no idea where Christine lives. In a crypt?

It'd be funny if it weren't so frickin' scary.

anita said...

oh good lord. i had to turn it off after about 25 minutes.
she is sp all over again....

she said her "faith" had matured over the years....
wicky, wicky, wiccan.

Pigtown*Design said...

and accusing chris of being marxist? i wonder if she even knows what that is. she's nuts.

Decor Data | Anikasophia said...

If you think this little twit is going to end the Tea Party movement you are delusional. It's about time Americans stand up and weed out bad element that are infesting the White House and all the ones that want to come in after they are gone. She gives the Tea Party a bad name.

hello gorgeous said...

Anna Sophia: I wouldn't allow public access to my profile if I were you either.

Speaking of twits...

I have yet to hear an intelligent thing uttered from a Tea Partier.

And while I applaud a person for standing for their beliefs, so far all I've heard from the Tea Partiers is that they're railing against the establishment from their government-subsidized Scooter chairs... (think South Park: "they took 'er jobs").

But kudos to you for googling Tea Party and railing against anyone who challenges you.

Unknown said...

"It's about time Americans stand up and weed out bad element that are infesting the White House"


"remember the good old days, when all of our elected leaders were white men?"

hello gorgeous said...

Right, M21. I think the Tea Party doesn't want any more black men in the White House.

I wish if American citizens were going to get behind a new party, it would stand for something besides bigotry and hatred.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I am quite sure I'm wasting my time, but here goes. It is a shame that many conservative Tea party posters are so inarticulate. Tea party beliefs are not about the bigotry and hatred that ends up in the press spouted out by the stupid. The ideas are based on wanting more personal choice and fewer taxes that pay for never ending growth of the goverment machine. Tea partiers are against the absurd notion that government should pay for and make descisions in the personal lives (i.e. healthcare) of its citizens, moving us ever closer to socialism and further away from free-market capitalism, hence the Marxism comment.
I wish so many idiots did not wish to speak up for the Tea party.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Yes, there are typos in my original post.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I could be just like you!!! So tragically chic, so terribly sophisticated, so, so intelligent, so far above the great unwashed, the maddening IDIOTS who don’t think exactly like me.

They must be RACIST, yes that’s it, RACIST, because how, oh how could anyone other than MY kind, those who think exactly like me, possibly assemble any thoughts independently.

Oh the humanity!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Oh that I could be so articulate, so urbane, turn a phase so eloquently; craft such a compelling position piece.

The outcome of a public education, your finely honed mind proffering the highest wisdom and rhetoric training offered in our public institutions or did your poor parents pay for the education of your steel trap mind having produced this well crafted defense of your ideology?

Oh, Oh, I know. You are a proud graduate of The View U!

Decor Data | Anikasophia said...

David, M21 and HG are all cut from the same cloth. The kind that misinterprets any semblance of a response that is not exactly like their view point. Who said anything about racism, black men, white men, bigotry and hatred? Me thinks you protest too much. Maybe you have a little bit of hostility toward others in your blood? The WH is filled with pro big spending, anti small business, pro Muslim, pro illegal aliens and all to the expense of the American people. Where you get bigotry out of that is in between your own ears.

hello gorgeous said...

Anon: Why do you keep reading if you find me so offensive? If you have ANYTHING at all to contribute to a solution to all the problems, I'd LOVE to hear it, but I suspect you're like the rest: name-calling bigots with no solutions.

There are real problems in America right now and none were caused by Obama. Or Nancy Pelosi. Or me. I would be interested in hearing some solutions from any candidates, not just rhetoric and fear-mongering.

Anna Sophia: I cannot believe you make the accusations you just made and don't see the bigotry. I think the Tea Party suits you perfectly.

And, finally, Kerry, I do appreciate your calmly stated point of view. I don't disagree that government spending is out of control but it is not unique to this White House.

But I do not agree with a party that wishes to repeal the 17th amendment, is threatened by Cap and Trade (Are you kidding me - you're afraid of clean air? How is it a job-killer? Am I missing something?); and espouses liberty and personal freedom as long as nobody wants an abortion or a gay wedding.

And I am so tired of seeing the "Chris Coons is a self-admitted bearded Marxist" comment. Have you read what he wrote? It was just a joke within a college paper he wrote:

As for Obama, I think people who accuse him of being a Marxist really have no idea what that means. They just hear it and repeat it because they grew up fearing the Red Bogeyman and it's easy to make people afraid.

Anyway, this post was about Christine O'Donnell, who is not qualified to run her household without using campaign contributions, otherwise known as OPM. And we already have enough of them in Washington, regardless of party affiliation.

I only hope to hear less and less of her going forward. And less and less of you, anon.

Karena said...

Oh please I cannot even watch this!! Anon please don't abuse the blog system and come forward with your thoughts in a civil manner.

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