Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG Execs Give Pigs a Bad Name.

Edward Liddy, AIG, compliments of Design Crisis

Erin of Design Crisis has written an excellent post today on this very topic (with a design twist!). Read it here.


Raina Cox said...

Seriously, wasn't that just the best?

David said...

This is such a mess. Of course the republicans are saying it's the democrats fault, and the democrats knee-jerk reaction to the public outrage is a 90 percent tax.

Do I think the big guys at AIG should have their bonuses taken? Absolutely. But I worry about the little guys.

I worked in financial services once, and I work in commercial insurance now. There are legions of men and women who come in and sit down in the cube farm and bang out their work all day long. They didn't make any of the bad decisions, they just handled their workload as best they could, ran out for a sandwich at lunch, and got back to it. Their bonuses are a few grand, and they use it for stuff they need, tires for the car, a new fridge, pay down the credit card. Those bonuses are performance not retention, I know, but I worry that congress won't make the distinction and then once again the little guys pay for a situation they didn't create.

The President was on Leno tonight, and I'm as in love with him as I ever have been. The house and the senate, however, I'm over. Every one of them in both parties should be sent back home.

vicki archer said...

That is a clever shot! xv

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