Friday, March 13, 2009

Free! Kitchen Stuff.

Paul from Residential Kitchen Design is having a contest. I am doing my part for the economic stimulus of our country by helping to promote it. (Click on images to enlarge.)

The deal is this: Paul is co-sponsoring a Tell Me About Your Fantasy Kitchen contest along with Metallo Arts, the creators of these fab range hoods (available in a world of colors and designs) and hand-wrought counters whereby you go to his blog and enter by telling a wildly creative story about what your fantasy kitchen looks like. Contest details are on his blog here.

The winner receives a $3200 gift cert. toward the range hood or zinc or pewter
countertop of his choice (plus 10 hours of Paul's design time for a total value of $4500). Aren't they gorgeous? So, if you're into it, you have until April 2 to enter. Good luck!

(Apologies to people who subscribe on a reader: I can't get this to post properly for some reason!)


Anonymous said...

yay! Awesome contest, Paul!

Decorina said...

I'm totally there. Need a new kitchen in the worst way and zinc countertops have been on the top of my list since, well, forever!!!! Thanks, HG for this.

Raina Cox said...

My fantasy kitchen is self-cleaning and staffed by a personal chef 24/7.

tinkalicious said...

OMG! I must have two hundred pics of my fave kitchens(at least)! After a lifetime of designing and building fantasty kitchens for others, I think I have it nailed. I must submit my consummate portfolio! Besides the fact I no longer really care about cooking, I still want the ultimate cuisine d'arte!

Anonymous said...

Great contest! The prizes will definitely be a big help for those who would be renovating their kitchens.

hello gorgeous said...

I hope one of you wins!! Keep me posted.

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