Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beach Week, Day Three: Jeff West Home.

This adorable, unassuming little cottage on Rehoboth Avenue belies the well-edited luxury inside. "Bespoke Beach" is the term Jeff has coined for his vision. Light and bright and airy. And artful.

I love the lithos of these beautiful old dog drawings from the 20s. His shop contains quite a few original works of art including watercolors and oils tucked into comfortable vignettes.

Blue and white is a beach staple. It looks especially fresh here with touches of apple green.

Red is an especially appropriate accent color at this time of year. How great is that floor? While it's not for sale, I am in love with that bamboo chair, which is.

I forgot to ask who these linens are but his website has linens from Charlotte Moss.

Antique Staffordshire transferware lined all in a row...

And here he is. He couldn't have been nicer. I left with quite a few things including Christmas cards from Susan Wallace Barnes and a couple of wreaths including one topped with a handmade ornament from Annapolis, MD folk artist Natalie Silitch, who is featured at the Delaware beaches exclusively at Jeff West. Her ornaments are currently being featured at Bergdorf's and have also graced Christmas trees at the White House during the past two administrations. Pretty cool. You can visit Jeff's website here to get a feel for some of the merchandise up close and personal.


Pigtown*Design said...

You're KILLING me!

Raina Cox said...

While it's not my personal style, I do appreciate the talent he has in creating a warm cozy environment.

vicki archer said...

This shop is absolutely gorgeous and such a compelling environment to buy in. So cosy and homey - I can't wait to look at his website, xv.

hello gorgeous said...

P-D - Ha! Git a move on, girl.

Raina - It is cozy.

Vicki - I wanted to post some photos of the artwork but they just didn't do them justice. I think some are on his website. He is also working on expanding his website.

David said...

The dog drawing litho...I need that.

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