Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HG's Year in Review.

2008 - What a year it was. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - personally, politically, financially. It was a year of firsts: First black president, first woman running for the office, first time gas shot up over $4 a gallon ($5 in some areas), the first Depression since the last Depression. Let's review:

The Good.

Our new first family.

Mad Men takes off.


Ms. Tina catches fire. Finally.

The Bad.

Bad aim. Perhaps you can do better. Play the game here.

Oh, Eliot.

Too bad Jews don't believe in hell.

Speaking of hell. Looks like another recruit.

I am still waiting for A) My money back; or B)The ceremony where
Meryl Streep gives back at least one of her Oscars for this atrocity.

The Ugly.

Lehman goes down. And takes its investors with.


Madonna goes down...town with her man-arms.

Nathan's Top Design winning room. Ugly. Coyote ugly.

And in a category all its own:

The Palinator.

I would love to see some adds to this. Favorite or worst movie of 2008? Book? Event? Reality show? And then let's kiss this baby (a la The Dating Game) Goodbye!


Anonymous said...

My, I have to say, it's a fun life you lead HG. Putting a movie on the same level as thousands of people losing their jobs.... Very disappointed in this "reflective" post.

Pam Kersting said...

Pay no attention to what Anonymous said, HG, it was a riot! After all, we must keep our humour in these hard times. I enjoyed it! Thank you.

Raina Cox said...

By my estimate, you put the crappo movie on par with Madoff and below the flameout of the financial system.


Poor Madonna has no idea how ridiculous her quest for the fountain of youth has made her look.

Great round-up!

David said...

Anonymous: I've been RIF'd before, trust me, sometimes its absolutely the best thing that can happen to someone. Lighten up.

hello gorgeous said...

Anon, first of all, they were in two different categories if you actually read the post. Secondly, you clearly did not see the movie.

Thanks, Pam. No kidding. CNN, this isn't.

Raina - Thanks, honey. Now who's going to talk to Madonna - you or me? Maybe we should have an intervention. We can invite Richard Simmons to explain when a good thing goes too far. Then we can talk about his shorts and kill two birds with one stone.

David - I am continually amazed at how humorless some people are.

Raina Cox said...

His shorts? OMG, you kill me! He does need a wardrobe intervention.

Decorina said...

Great stuff HG.

Anon: Get a life; it isn't always about you or your opinion.

David: RIF'd?

Madoff: Is it a coincidence that his name rhymes with made-off?

I stayed away from the movie because I knew it would blow. How Ms. Streep could have been given any kind of award for making it...
Abba music makes me throw up.

Anonymous said...


You're right. No money to pay the next month's mortgage? No health insurance for your wife's cancer treatment?

Absolutely the best thing that can happen. Invigorating, really.

Raina Cox said...


The gravitas of your argument would increase exponentially if you didn't hide behind the internet equivalent of a fake moustache.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Sorry HG. I just read your recent post on remembering soup kitchens and all the posts you did over the past few months on the economy.

I'm just an ass. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Before I read all the comments, I was jokingly going to say that the movie was the worst of these terrible disasters.

Yes, the economy is a tragedy, and dear god, I hope I am never faced with a situation where I cannot afford to pay for a loved one's cancer treatment (sorry, you've obviously had a rough year, anon), but that movie was really, really bad.

hello gorgeous said...

So, nobody played the Bush shoe-throwing game?

Decorina: RIF'd. Reduction in Force. I had to look it up.

Anon: I think it was a shit year for a lot of people. But I do agree with Raina.

Erin: My point exactly.

qerat said...

You have got yourself an extra reader from half way across the world. this is a funny post. I read the comments and I can see how in bad time we loose our sense of humour. Keep it up, you made me smile and it was not a fantastic day :)

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

Great post--I thoroughly approve of the selections and pictorial content. Ahem. Especially since I am still on a ban on my own blog.

One of my besties actually met Richard Simmons--she went to his aerobics class in LA (he teaches them a few times a week). There is an adorable picture of him smooching her in his trademark tank top and hot pants. :)

Anonymous said...

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