Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Planters.

Now that the last frost is over everywhere, it is time to get planting (if you haven't already started. I happen to be a season-rusher and have been planting flowers since March).

The beautiful zinc-lined garden containers (in photo on right) are from They are available in 3 sizes: 8x8 for $45; 9-in. square for $75; and 11-in. square for $130. I wish they came a little larger.

I recently ordered 5 of these from Smith and Hawken (4 medium and 1 large):The medium is 15-in. square and the large is 18-in. They're some kind of fiber material and they look great! I planted shiny Green Gem boxwood in two of them and I think Kimberly ferns (similar to that pictured above) will go in the two destined for the beach (or perhaps pink mandevilla, pictured below, which grows like mad at the beach and attracts hummingbirds!).

I still have a large one up north that I can't decide what to plant because it's in the shade (hydrangea? fern?).

Happy planting (or whatever) this weekend.


David said...

I may need a pair of the iron w/ zinc liners from Lexington Gardens.

Also love the S&H ones you got. Pictures when they're installed and planted please!

Maria Killam said...

That's exactly what I'm doing this weekend! Planting my garden! Have a good one!


I love your planters. Hope for 'rain'...I found it..Farah Fawcett's excerpt about rain is on my blog this morning.

erin@designcrisis said...

Hydrangeas! Mainly because we can't plant them -- they hate our alkaline soil.

Oh, and we've been planting since February -- it's already 90 degrees here!

Pyzahn said...

Hydrangeas need a big pot and won't tolerate a winter without being in the ground. A fern would do better, or just some lovely persian shield, perilla, coleus, plecanthrus (there's a lovely lavendar bloomer), the new Big begonia, many choices.

Look forward to seeing it.

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