Friday, February 26, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's. And Neiman's. And Target...

If you hurry, you can still get in on the bidding for this 20-piece setting of the coveted yet discontinued (somebody please explain to me how and why that's so) Tiffany Bamboo sterling silver flatware on eBay. The current bid is $2495.

You could also cobble together a set at where one fork'll run you a buck 80 :

If that's out of your price range, you can find these at

Bed Bath & Beyond, $69.99 5-pc. place setting

A stop at Neiman-Marcus will get you an even better bargain (if not flatter flatware):

Neiman Marcus, 45-pc. set, $229.90 special value

Still too steep? A trip to will get you these:

Target Bamboo Flatware, 45-pc. set, $59.99

If you don't like the little sperm guys on the front, here's a photo where they appear less noticeable:

Hampton Forge, $29.99, 20-pc. set from Target

Or you can just toss aside thoughts of silver and opt for the real deal:

Cambridge Silversmiths, $19.99, 20-pc. service for four

Personally, I'm holding out for the Tiffany. Actually, that's not true - I hate polishing silver. I really love the Ricci Argentieri from Bed Bath and think it's a great version (and four prongs is a plus). What do you think?


Pigtown*Design said...

When I moved back to the States, and all of my stuff had not yet arrived, I needed something to eat with and looked at the Target Bamboo. It was very hard to hold because the shafts are round. I ended up with another Target pattern (!) and they worked wonderfully.

Stay out of the wind today. It's brutal!

David said...

Bed Bath & Beyond definitely. Best look for the price in my opinion.

And someone isn't paying attention at Tiffany, bringing their bamboo back would make them a fortune.

Raina Cox said...

I thought "Bamboo" was Tiffany's best-selling silver pattern. Huh.

Agree with the BB&B choice.

Have a glorious weekend, Darlin'!

lucitebox said...

I had no idea I was interested in a set of bamboo flatware. Never crossed my mind.

Bed Bath and Beyond all the way! You can use that coupon they send in the mail for 20% off, too.

Fashion Maven said...

I came across this set at Ross of all places - I think it was the Hampton set? I bought two. This was 5 years ago - I love it.

I got it for practically nothing. I wanna say 10 bucks for each set? It's lasted forever, the only bad thing is that the knives tend to get these rust stains or something on them. Don't know where that comes from. But I love them. I should go get a replacement set. I think $10 for five years is pretty good, no?

La Maison Fou said...

Nicely done, luv the Tiffany set!
But I would settle for BBB....
Thanks for sharing,

hello gorgeous said...

P-D: I wondered about that. That's probably why the Neiman's version is flattish.

Fashionmaven: Try using a detergent without lemon.

Anonymous said...

Why is it discontinued? Why is the original Drabware (also a Van Day Truex favorite) also discontinued?

MFAMB said...

let me tell you why those suck...
it's not that they aren't pretty...they are. it's bc i can't get behind a fork, spoon OR knife that feels like a pencil in my hand. i like a utensil with girth.

hello gorgeous said...

All this talk of shafts and girth is making me blush, ladies!

Anon: Let's find out.

The Blushing Hostess said...

You lost me at the Tiffany service, and now I am entraced.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Georgeous-love your blog!!!

Don't forgive Tiffany too fast--they've discontinued so much that is great...didn't they discontinue the 'rocks' candlesticks (or is it 'rock crystal' by Van Day Truex?

I must say...simply for the price the 'real' bamboo ones are great for a weekend house. You know that the utensil itself, the tines etc, are rather poorly finished and stamped out, but the bamboo in the hand is pleasing. I think always go for the really high and the really low. Everything in between is MIDDLE...therefore not exciting, by definition.
very best, cheers, DIANE

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I have a set like this from crate and barrel -about 9 years ago now that they still carry called 'kyoto'? I LOVE it! It looks a bit like the target version with the spermies -but they're not noticeable in person like in that photo. I think this link will work.

Unknown said...

Do not buy the ones from Target! They rust! I bought them right before a dinner party, ran them through the wash, and they came out with rust spots!

hello gorgeous said...

Thanks AD. I checked it out. They look really nice.

Lindsay: Did you use lemon dishwashing detergent? It's a no-no. Although upon closer inspection, they are 18/0 which means no chromium which means not rust-resistant.

Renée Finberg said...

great post.
i was just doing some research on this subject and was googled over to YOU!


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