Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I. T. Stencil Sneak Preview.

She is looking pretty, non? (Pretend like I tucked in that top sheet.) Yes, I have a candle going during the day because it smells so good and SOMETHING has to keep me in here. And this smells like spring (that's its name).

Aromatique Smells like Spring

I am still painting because see this?

I must now HANDPAINT every little space doohickey. It's out of control. I am also painting the other side of the room today (sitting room) with two coats of BM Linen White (the ceiling will be painted white) then I will be exhausted so maybe tomorrow or Thursday I will begin stencilling that wall. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I am looking at beds and headboards:

Colette, Crate & Barrel

York, Pottery Barn

Target Uptown

And watching this while working:

Kris Kristofferson in this movie is totally on my Free-Pass Five.

And this:
Or maybe I'll just lie here... just kidding.


jennifer said...

hi,nice walls!
A Star is Born, really? wow. "are you watching me now????"

Raina Cox said...

I truly admire your tenacity. That is one intricate stencil.

David said...

Love your walls, love upholstered headboards. Well done.

MFAMB said...

you are like the coolest. f'realz
hello york headboard from pb!! i h]

Decorina said...

HG that is beautiful! Good work. Can I fix you a cocktail?

anita said...

that's all i have to say.
(oh, and wondering if you take adderall...)

red ticking said...

i could not be productive while watching kris in a star is born... and may i please have the house to go with him? he he

erin@designcrisis said...

Uh, this is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super awesome amazing job!

Anna White said...

What a fantastic and patience testing project...GOLD STAR to you darling...looks awesome..fab job!! x

lucitebox said...

While I'm over on the other post arguing about the movie, I thought I better congratulate you on an amazing job! I mean--I cannot believe anyone would do this. It's amazing! You are amazing.

I am so glad I don't decide to do things like this because you know what? I'd never finish it and then years later, I'd be bitching about it because I wouldn't want to paint over what was unfinished, but already done.

Paul Anater said...

Your bedroom looks terrific. Brava! And brava on your movie selections.

Susan said...

That is just amazing... it looks awesome. Great work.

hello gorgeous said...

Raina: Thanks for your comment. I know how hard it was for you to say something nice about I.T. :-)

Yes, Decs, I would love three, er, one!

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