Tuesday, December 2, 2008

H. G.'s Helpful Hints.

Okay, this is just like Heloise. Only better.

I was looking for an image to depict my destroyed All-Clad 2-quart pan and this image pops up. A pan whose owner thinks it is a burnt image of Elvis. So if all you have is a burnt pan, you are so much better off. Because you only need help for your burnt pan, not psychiatric care for your Elvis idolatry. I am all over Elvis, but this kind of thing scares me. Like Jesus toast and all that. Really. Just take your meds and go back to bed. Or sell it on eBay. Those people love that shit.

However. If you burn the living tar out of your All-Clad pan such as I did recently while making applesauce, I have a remedy.

I thought I had ruined my pan because it was the serious burnt-on business that wouldn't budge even with heavy scrubbing. The blackness seemed burnt into the pan. No amount of scrubbing would move it.

Voila, the remedy:

2 T. hydrogen peroxide
1 T. dish soap
2 inches of water
large-ish sprinkling of baking soda

Boil for 5-10 minutes. It will literally lift off the pan. Watch it because it will bubble up like mad.

Hopefully you are not such a clod in the kitchen as I (am). If you are, you're welcome.


Greta said...

Oh gorgeous, you pan cleaning recipes are better than your soy recipes. That is why I love you.

Raina Cox said...

That is so helpful that I just bookmarked your post under "Cooking" on my Firefox browser.

pve design said...

Been there, Just what the pan ordered after too much holiday-ing!
Love helpful hints. Great post.

evencleveland said...

Bookmarking against future kitchen disasters (and delusional visions of celebrities in food detritus).

Anonymous said...

I think he looks more like Billy Idol than Elvis, but perhaps I am just betraying my own musical bias, here.

And that's a great hint, too! I experience the occasional, ah, disaster, so I'll be bookmarking your solution.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha Elvis in the pan, she must have been cooking peanut butter & chocolate sandwiches!

David said...

I love the fact that you make applesauce.

Decorina said...

I have burned several pans down. Appreciate the hint - that sounds like it would really work. Better living through chemistry.

Another thing that works: Barkeeper's Friend. Amazing stuff (with oxalic acid). A friend saved one of my pan disasters with it. It also polishes silver and copper.

No Bones Just Brains said...

Erin is right! He TOTALLY looks like Billy Idol

hello gorgeous said...

Decorina - Barkeeper's Friend is my standby and it did not work in this instance. Not at all.

But, yeah, great stuff under normalish circumstances.

Capegirl said...

I burned a number of pans in my early years of cooking-it is part of the learning curve.

Carla said...

that was some dinner! Carla

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Niiiice remedy. I swear by all clad...the burn (even elvis) always comes off. My solution is to put a tiny amount of water and some dishwasher soap (or two of those cubes) let sit for a day or two.

How did you come up with your remedy? Trial and error? Sounds so intriguing!

hello gorgeous said...

Linda at Lime - Thanks for the add!

How'd I find it? On the internet, where else?

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