Monday, November 24, 2008

Damn You, La Mer.

La Mer is like heroin. Try it once and you are hooked. But the samples are definitely the gateway drugs. For me, it started innocently enough with a hit sample of the Creme de la Mer. Which led to the purchase of a small jar at $130/ounce. With the small jar came a sample of The Lifting Face Serum. Then it was a purchase of the small jar of Creme de la Mer and The Lifting Face Serum (1 oz. costs $235 + $130=$365). With The Lifting Face Serum came a sample of The Lifting Intensifier. And who doesn't want intense lifting in your 40s? Uh huh. That's right, nobody.

So, the next purchase was inevitably the large, sorry medium (the large creme is a supersized $1390!) Creme and the Combination Lifting Face Serum and Lifting Intensifier at the bargain total price of $545 ($235 for 2 oz. Creme, $315 for Combo).

I'm not even going to discuss The Radiant Facial, The Eye Balm, The Concentrate...

Then one fine day my dealers cosmeticians at Neiman-Marcus call and say it's double InCircle points day and they have a super special gift for me. I race in, whereby a sample of the Body Lotion is thrust upon me. I don't even want to know the price. The madness must stop, I say!! I run out of the store, down the mall to Happy Harry's and buy a bottle of Oil of Olay for $9.99. That's a savings of $535.01!

But after all that gorgeous, skin-plumping La Mer, my skin feels like the desert. In August. I try Chanel and Kiehl's and an assortment of Olay products until I stumble onto Lancome and its High Resolution creams for face and eye. After one use my skin feels somewhat French-ish. La Mer-ish. Soft. Smooth. Finally. A replacement. An affordable replacement. My affordable replacement and I get along just peachily for months and months until the day I find the junk stuffed in my makeup drawer, under the blush. A sample of La Mer's The Radiant Infusion. I try it just once. What's the harm, right? Wow. It makes my face cream glide on. I feel younger. I look at least 5 years younger. Oh, I'm imagining things, I think to myself. I keep trying it. My bottle is getting emptier and emptier. Best of all, The Radiant Infusion is only $95 for a 4.2-oz. bottle! That's a deal in La Mer Land. And it works under my cheaper (but still not cheap) face cream from Lancome. How happy am I?

And then yesterday, I run out of Lancome only to go to Macy's to find that they have discontinued my creams!! It has taken me YEARS to find them and they have discontinued or specifically are "reformulating" my perfect face and eye creams. *sob*

I know this has happened to you. With lipstick. Face cream. Jeans. Something. What's a girl (or guy) to do?


Decorina said...

Arggggh. What a PITA. It has happened to me too, though not with the same products. Hell, that shit is too expensive for me by a factor of 100. Maybe when I'm 80.

David said...

Chanel quit selling Antaeus cologne here a long time ago. A big bottle of that was the only thing I bought last year on the way back from Spain.

Even though it's aimed squarely at the ladies, I'm using Olay Total Effect in my battle against crows feet. I sort of like it, and it's way cheaper than the Arbonne I was using.

My mom, who has the best skin I've ever seen, used to use this stuff called Endocreme. It would look like she slathered her face with Crisco, but at 72 she's still not very wrinkly.

hello gorgeous said...

D - When you're 80, will you really give a shit? Yeah, me too, probably.

David - Endocreme? I have already checked it out. $25 for a 2 oz. jar - definitely worth a try.

I do use one of the Total Effects face washes by Olay. I had to switch because they discontinued the one I loved. And I love their fake microdermabrasion product with citric acid for an occasional good scrub.

Raina Cox said...

Clinique discontinued my favorite lipstick a few years ago and I was bereft. Many months of hunting led me to Revlon's "Blushed" which is, hands down, the most perfect lipstick for me ever. Which means it will soon be dropped.

I use Oil of Olay Regenerist lotion during the day and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Night Cream, Deep Wrinkle Intensive at night. I routinely get mistaken for 27 or 28 (I'm 39.5). Good genes have a lot to do with it too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel you. I am a HUGE skin care junkie. Never tried La Mer, but my pocketbook knows better.

My faves:
DHC olive oil cleanser
Avene Eluage cream
Alpha Hydrox souffle
Neostrata eye cream

Ebay is my best friend.

I just ordered some samples that are handmade by a lady named Denise... supposed to be awesome and not too expensive. Will report back.

Checking out the Endocreme right now... Also, I like that Regenerist eye cream. Good stuff.

Greta said...

I'm sorry. I have no advice. I still cannot get over the $1000+ you spent on FACE CREAM!

hello gorgeous said...

Erin - At least you have some sense. It's a slippery slope with La Mer. I will check some of those you mentioned out. If you try that Endocreme, let me know.

Greta - Well then, I won't tell you how long this went on. Really. It's okay. It's all over now. And I won't even get into cosmetics. I have a Janet Sartin story that'll give you nightmares.

Tami said...

I too was caught up in the La Mer cycle. I had to let it go though, my purse could not afford it. I haven't found a creme I like as much yet. Still trying. Burts Bees Royal Jelly is pretty good though.

Anonymous said...


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