Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a Major Award!

Oops, wrong one. Wait, this one:

I am unforgivably late in publicly acknowledging and passing along this award which loosely translates to "Your blog makes my dog fat" or "Your blog...completes me," I'm not sure which.

Thanks to Missy from That's So Missy for bestowing this award upon my blog.

I'll pass it along to 5 (who pass it along to 5 and so on and so on and so on...):

Raina at If the Lampshade Fits
Erin and Karly at Design Crisis
The Artist Formerly Known as The Nerdy Fashionista over at Designers Brew
Persian Tea
David at Midwestern Malaise (I just think he might like a pink butterfly award today)
I'd like to add a bonus person: Gracie at Woolgathering & Miscellany because she cracks me up

Okay, kids, take it away.


Raina Cox said...

Well, thank you very much. And I just so happened to be award-ready, sitting here in my Thursday ballgown enjoying breakfast and the morning news.

hello gorgeous said...

Oh, good. That's exactly how I picture you eating breakfast.

David said...

Really it's an honor just to be nominiated, this is incredible!

Persian Tea said...

you rock. your blog rocks. this award rocks! thanks :)

Designers' Brew said...

Sanks! YOUR blog makes me look five pounds thinner!

wool and misc said...

THANK YOU!!! i'm glad someone else besides me thinks i'm funny.


Anonymous said...

You like me! You really like me!

(thank you!)

Carla said...

hello Gorgeous. congrats. Carla x

please sir said...

Congrats on the award!!!

Farnnay said...

lol i like the first pic :D

hello gorgeous said...

I expect some really long-winded speeches and red carpet shots.

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