Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Night Confession.

When I was in first grade, I had a crush on a fat, redheaded, redneck boy named Kenny.

The students in my class were sitting on chairs in a circle and Kenny and I were seated next to one another, holding hands. We were having a spelling contest and when you answered correctly, you got to leave the circle and return to your desk.

When it came to my turn the teacher asked me how to spell "as." I intentionally misspelled it so I wouldn't have to leave the circle and stop holding hands with Kenny.

As it turned out, because I misspelled the word (I don't remember how I misspelled it: az?) I had to go to the end of the circle, so to speak, to start over.

The things we do for love.

[This is my feature where on Sundays I share with you something that you may not know about me and you share something related or otherwise, depending on your mood, about yourself.]


Jill said...

Just turned off the Grammy's. Embarrassing revelation (besides the fact that I can't spell embarrassing...two r's, one r, how many s's?). Anyway, I think Kid Rock is hot and that is mortifying! Way worse than a chubby redheaded little boy.

Designers' Brew said...

I LOVE that I infected you with the Bridget Regan searchers. You and I are now two of the top five hits for those particular search terms. Sweet.

David said...

I miss college drawing classes, specifically life drawing. Figures are my favorite thing to draw, but mostly I miss the license to oogle naked 19 year old college boys.

I don't miss the girl model who was a dead ringer for Kathy Bates in Misery. (complete with personality)

mamacita said...

I, too, was in love with a chubby redheaded boy in elementary school. He wanted nothing to do with me. Good times.

hello gorgeous said...

Jill - I had to quit watching when Kid Rock came on. Sorry.

DB - Let's say Bridget Regan sex tapes and see what happens. I think I might see if Trojan will sponsor my blog.

David - Somehow I kept reading that as you DID miss Kathy Bates' twin.

Mamacita - Just so you know, my love for Kenny lasted exactly one day. I'm slightly fickle.

Anonymous said...

I intentionally misspelled a word during the spelling bee because I had to pee really, really bad and needed to exit stage left, pronto.

Sorry, don't have anything as juicy as a crush on Kid Rock ;)

Oh, but my crush on Clive Owen is reaching fever pitch...

hmstrjam said...

this reminds me of this chubby kid in second grade that had a crush on me, he liked to draw hooded monster type things i thought it was cool, he had his mom bring me in a box of chocolate colored cherries for valentines day and she had to give them to me since he was too scared!

Paul Pincus said...

i love your confessions.

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