Sunday, October 19, 2008

Does Your Politics Define You?

I just saw the Oliver Stone movie, "W," and at the point where George and Laura Bush were first introduced and discussing things, it was clear that they did not see eye to eye on politics. Laura quickly said, "People are not defined by their politics," which I found interesting. So did W, as it left open what he thought was a closed door.

My first (late) husband was a Republican (at least when we met and for years thereafter) and my husband now is a Republican (currently registered as a Republican, a fiscal conservative supporting Obama). Mary Matalin is a rabid Republican strategist and her husband, James Carville, is an equally fervent Democratic strategist.

How can this be? I cannot speak to my parents about politics, yet my husband and I discuss politics even though we do not agree on all issues. We agree on major issues, I guess. And now, after years of being wrong and finally coming over from the dark side (hee hee) he has said he is registering Democrat first chance he gets. That the Republican party he belonged to no longer exists.

So, how is it that we are so passionate about our politics, yet Republicans fall in love with and marry Democrats everyday? And vice versa. Do people just pick their battles and politics isn't one? Is there always an "avoider" of confrontation in the relationship that doesn't let politics get in the way? What do you think?

Do our politics define us?


Greta said...

Politics will never change, yet will always exist.

Maybe the smart couples know how to take the heated debate to heat up the bedroom.

And then laugh at the fact that it is all so silly.

cotedetexas said...

I myself can't wait for Nov. my husband who was always a dem is now a rep. and I can't take it anymore. it's crazy! even my parents are dumbfounded. he is in the oil and gas business and he is terrified about what O will to do the industry. stupid.

anway - thanks for your great comment! the donors choose is a great charity. but that isn't an ad on my blog. i don't take ads! it's a widget that links with their site. my project was fully funded by my readers only a few days after i blogged about it. phenomenal - and it was one of the most expensive projects they had!! thanks again!! Joni

cotedetexas said...

hi - just read a few more comments you left. the project I was matching funds with is closed now!!! sorry!!! but you can fund a project yourself - if you want. they have a million different needy classrooms. last year my husband (the republican yuck) and I funded three different classrooms in different people's honors. check it out - I think you will be sooo impressed with the organization. it just breaks your heart how little most of these classrooms have.

Raina Cox said...

My husband and I met online at a dating site for politically active liberals, so we were in sync from the start.

Anonymous said...

I love to argue, so I enjoy telling my dad that he must be brainless and spineless if he's thinking of voting for McCain (which he is).

Then he tells me that I'm just young and naive, and that Obama is a muslim.

Then we both sigh and agree to disagree.

hello gorgeous said...

Greta - Maybe you are right. *wink*

Joni - I feel better now that I am not alone! However, mine is switching to my side (probably just to keep me quiet :-). I don't know that O can affect the oil and gas industry - our infrastructure currently relies too heavily on it. Also, worldwide demand, but that's another topic.

Also, I LOVED that site and am going to at least post on it and help to promote it. I was able to select a project right here in the city that needed to be done. I love being able to donate directly! With no overhead! Thanks again for the information and inspiration! And congrats on your great project and match. Art is always the first thing to go.

Raina - My husband and I also met online, as you know. He LIED to me about voting for Al Gore. He said, QUOTE: You don't think I voted for Gore? END QUOTE. Now, it may not have been a technical lie but to me it is grounds for divorce. :-)

Erin - I love to argue, too. Nobody likes to argue with me, though. My midwestern posse just goes stone silent when challenged. And here? Nobody discusses anything fun. I love to shake things up (in case you couldn't tell). Although my husband does bait me regularly (I am so easy to get riled up).

egan said...

I'm hopeful our politics don't define us. They say a lot about our passions and what we value, but they shouldn't define who we are.

David said...

Boyfriend and I are both liberals in spite of our both being raised by good Kansas republicans. His folks are worried Obama is a muslim (we keep telling them he's not and/or so what).

My mom on the other hand votes republican because she's always voted republican. She literally can't defend her position with anything other than "John McCain will keep us safe." I asked her once if she thought we were safe now, and her reply is that we're safer now than we were on September 11. I was so stunned I couldn't even get into the hoardes of new enemies we have because of W.

Apparently in her head everything bad can be traced back to Bill Clinton. Nevermind that we all had more money when he was president.

Anyway, I nearly brought down Christmas one year by calling Bush a liar, so we rarely discuss it anymore. The only thing that bothers me is that when she wants to argue, she'll use whatever she can, and she's pretty hateful about it. I could disprove anything that would come out of her mouth, but she's my mom and I love her, so I hold back. Thinking about it, there's one of the differences between parties right there.

Decorina said...

Good point David.

I have never been interested very much in politics until now. I did date a head banging Republican - and thought he was an idiot as far as politics went. So we agreed to disagree.

I don't think politics define you, except that if you are a professional politician that by definition they do define you.

Unknown said...

I think it depends on how important politics are to you.

Personally, I am at a point in my life where I'm so into politics that I would only want someone who believes in it as strongly as I do and has the same beliefs.

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