Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Am from the Land of Lincoln.

I love this. He is so awesome. This is what they are saying in Illinois about Obama. I can't believe I didn't vote for him in the primary. I voted for Hillary. I figured Hills would be great for 8, then Obama for 8 = 16 years of reasonable behavior in the White House.

Anyway. How proud were you last night when McCain was all beady-eyed and insane and Mr. Obama was as cool as a cucumber? That's the guy I want running things.


No Bones Just Brains said...

Abama? Wild.

P.S. I decided Sarah Palin and Paula Dean are both robots and need to be destroyed as soon as possible. Except Palin probably can't cook. And Paula has 4 chins, but that's just something in common with our third robot in question - BARBARA BUSH!

I'm all about some Technicolor.


Raina Cox said...

What did Paula Dean ever do to anyone except close off an artery?

Raina Cox said...

And Obama was fab as usual. I thought the extensive split-screen was the best! McCain looked like someone had switched his meds. Speaking of, no wonder Cindy has addiction issues. You'd have to be doped to the gills to be married to that nut.

Anonymous said...

McCain looked like a spoiled child all huffy and shit

No Bones Just Brains said...

Paula Dean is just terrifying - and I'm sure there are a fair few people who she gave heart attacks (they probably don't like her either)

But HG


oooooh have a blast with that one =]

Anonymous said...

Where did that terrifying picture of McCain's outstretched tongue go? I've been showing it to all my friends and neighbors and I want it back!

David said...

I tried to flee to Paris to avoid all this, but our American-ness got the best of us and we found the replay of the debate on CNN. McCain DID look nutty, and Obama seemed in control, and slightly amused.

Ok, just wanted to check in. Back to my baguette eating and sight seeing. Early tomorrow, FLEA MARKET!

A bientot!

hello gorgeous said...

No Bones - I'll bet you'd like Paula Deen if she didn't speak and fed you fried chicken.

Raina - She has an unnatural hatred for Paula Deen and one time went to Borders and lined up all the Paula Deen magazines on one rack so every magazine was Paula Deen. It was pretty funny. And scary. She's an walking ad against plastic surgery.

I agree that McCain, wow. He has such anger issues. I read that he has PTSD, too. Yeah. That's who you want near the red button or suitcase or football or whatever they call it.

Erin - Did you write that after happy hour? I never had McCain's tongue anywhere near my blog. And never will. Ew. :-) Did I? Sometimes I post things late at night and in the morning think better of them and they magically disappear.

Anon - Hey. Right on.

David - Yes, your interest in the election is a dead giveaway. Careful of that. Pretend you're from Canada - they'll like you more. Have some chocolate croissants for me. I'll be staying tuned for pictures. Ou est la W. C.? That's what I remember from college French.

Decorina said...

I can't stay away from that picture of McCain channeling Godzilla with his tongue hanging out - cracks me up every time.

He is pathetic. Today I saw the new movie W. Yet another "endorsement" for Shrub/McSame, NOT.


Obama was so cool about all of it. Inside he is laughing at McCain.

hello gorgeous said...

Hey Liberty - I am with ya.

Decorina - More drumming tonight. I am going to post a video. This is some serious drumline shit.

I am totally going to see "W" this weekend. The mind reels...

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