Monday, October 20, 2008

Windows to the World.

I love conservatories. My husband and I were lamenting the fact that because we live in the city on a tree-lined street we don't get enough sun to have a garden. If I can't have a garden, I'd really like is one of these:

All of the above conservatories by Amdega.

Tanglewood conservatory (pool house).

Our house is over 100 years old so these styles would complement it perfectly. Seems like a great place to curl up in winter with a book. Or write. Or draw. Or just daydream about spring.


David said...

I totally read that as "I love conservatives." And I was thinking "no you don't, and what does that have to do with you having a garden?"

hello gorgeous said...
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Raina Cox said...

I've always wanted to grow a couple orange trees and any of those would be perfect for it.

Mmmmm...warm, sunny, and scented with orange blossoms.

Anonymous said...

You may not have a conservatory, but your actual house sounds amazing...

And I'm so glad you don't "love conservatives" because that would be plain wrong.

egan said...

These conservatories are pretty cheap to add right? Perhaps I'm wrong. I think they would be great during a rainy day for unwinding while the rain pounds the glass.

evencleveland said...

Not only would it be a great place to read, it would sound awesome for invitations to smart parties:

"We're hosting a little gathering in the conservatory ..."


hello gorgeous said...

David - Funny. How was France? I need pictures!! Oh, wait, I think you're in U.K. now.

Hey, Egan - I don't think they're especially cheap, but let's pretend they are. It makes thinking about them even better.

Raina - Mmmmm. I have some orange blossom cologne. So good.

Erin - I'll post some pix soon.

Steph - That's reason enough to get one: For the party!

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