Thursday, October 30, 2008

Puppy Love.

If you missed this contest on {urban grace interiors}, you owe it to yourself to visit her blog and ooh and aah over the entries. I was late to the party so I didn't enter my doggies. This is probably the photo I would have submitted.


Or this.

More sleepy Stella cuteness.

I am looking forward to seeing the winner (there were some non-dog entries as well).

Dogs rule.


Anonymous said...

I'm really not a doggy person, but that pup is soooo adorable!

(and your kid is pretty cute, too!)

Raina Cox said...

Sweet puppy love!

brandy said...

Oh my gosh... that first photo warmed my black heart! So cute.

Nicole Marie said...

oh my goodness. cutest puppies ever!!

TIG said...

Oh my goodness -- so cute! And so sleepy.

Unknown said...

I think that's a pug but it reminds me of my black frenchie when he was a puppy cute!!!!!

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