Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Love Rich People.

And I don't mean just rich. I mean filthy, stinkin' rich. I'm happy to see there are still a few left. Their retail ringleader? Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti. Her recommendations for Depression Recession-wear include a serpent bracelet for $27,600. Seriously, though. What well-heeled hostess wouldn't like a carved lobster figurine to regift to some future well-heeled hostess?

Carved Lobster Figurine, Vivre Selection, $415

And if you're always looking for something more special than just an empty beer bottle to stuff a single red rose into, the "Beer Bottle Vase," $140. Each.

Hand-etched vase (their description, not mine) made of "recycled" beer bottles. Brown with gold leaf. 9". By Esque Studio. $140. Each.

You could just go to Michael's and get some gold leaf to slap on your empties and call it a day. Let's see. What other goodies? Who doesn't need a set of handblown sperm for their coffeetable?

Glass "Swirls," Set of 2, $95

And just in time for Halloween. Don't just go to the farmer's market and get a bunch of regular gourds for $10, order these "special, non-cliche" gourds for $195:
"Alabama Chanin takes the cliché and the predictability out of the
usual seasonal décor with these curlicued organically grown gourds,
specially selected for their fantastical shapes and painted white. Set of six, $195."

Looking for that special accessory to spice up your drab outfit? This. Is. It.

Ebony Royal Totem Brooch, Lotus Arts de Vivre Exclusive, $7000.00.

Back on the homefront, for your friend, the jokester hunter (and what better time for joking around than when you are armed?):

Cat Trophy by Nymphenberg, $979.00

For the nouveau gangsta on your list, a celebration of art and crime:

Graffiti dinnerware, in the Dutch Delft style, $100/5-pc. set.

And the piece de resistance: The Niagara Chandelier by Lladro, starting at $45,000:

Pricey, but she is tres belle, non?

I could go on all day but, alas, I don't have the time. If you'd like to visit Eva and see what her luxe world is like, go to


Andi said...

They have a magazine too! I somehow got a subscription to Vivre, I don't remember how anymore...but man, what that is some expensive stuff. Most of it totally useless, unless, yeah, you are really, really rich.

Raina Cox said...

We're about to elect the first African-American president and she has blackamoor brooches? Is she out of her effing mind?

And she's a little late to the party on a few of those items. That graffiti dinnerware has been around for a while.

David said...

Man, I've been producing those beer bottle vases for years, had I only known.

HG, heading home tomorrow, but I've got two must-do's for you in London. The Victoria & Albert, and the Tate Modern. FAB!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Raina on the brooch.

But if the cat trophy sings any songs, I may have to have it.

hello gorgeous said...

Hi, Andi. Yes, I do get the mag. It's like the year-round Neiman's Christmas catalog.

I haven't seen this graffiti dinnerware. It kind of cracked me up for the "hip" socialite. In blue delft, no less.

David, I have never been to London and my daughter's going over the holidays. She's in this world-class marching band (seriously, I will post it sometime - 265-kid high school kick-ass marching band) - they've been to Rome and two Bowl games and to play for the Queen over the holidays...

Erin - Do you have that reindeer? Or is it a fish? You're too funny.

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