Thursday, October 23, 2008

Okay, This Goes With the Previous Post.

This is the entryway. That room down there is the family room. You can sort of see the heinous plaid chair. This is my new wallpaper. It looked really beautiful in a small sample and it is really beautiful. It's just much busier than I anticipated. But it's staying for awhile.

This is the family room (again):

Another view:

This is the powder room to the left in the hall, right before the family room (formerly red, currently gray primer). How on earth do you work with stained glass? I've tried 100 blues and everything seems too bright. The Phillip Jeffries raffia wallpaper seems like a good choice even though it's $500/roll (it's tiny).

Another view:

This room is to the right when you walk in the front door:

This dining room, starring my husband's unremovable mahogany furniture is attached to the living room:

Does that help? So, I'm trying to figure out what to do with the powder room walls and how to recover the plaid chair in the family room. Thanks for your help.


Raina Cox said...

OK, this is going to be all over the place:

1. Take all of your blue and white pottery and mass it on the buffet in the dining room (move it when you need to serve). Find an inexpensive fabric to match the blue and recover the dining chair seats in it. If you've never done it, let me know and I'll email you instructions. Find two cobalt blue shades at TJ Maxx or the like for the two lamps on the buffet. Hot glue matching blue grosgrain ribbon around the bottom of your chandelier shades. Get rid of the blown glass hurricanes, they don't match.

2. Toss the tired plaid throw pillows on the sofa in the fireplace room (study?). Maybe bring out that beautiful teal in the painting. The topiaries thingys on the mantel are too wee. Consider an interesting group of like objects placed towards the right.

3. It looks like there is some olive in that powder room stained glass. How about a high gloss olive paint? I wouldn't think about any paint effects, let the window shine.

4. The family room French rooms made me wet my pants. Those are gorgeous! Now that the import vases are out of here, you need some color. You have cobalt in the dining room, teal in the study, and olive in the powder room. Sticking with a cool palette, a smoky plum could be great. A throw, accents pillows, vases, pottery. Small shots of icy lilac would add some zing. Maybe in boxes for the table shelves. If you could bring yourself to do the wingback in that lilac, I'd pass out! Oh, oh - a lilac glen plaid. See what hubby thinks.

5. You need a bigger mirror in the powder room. No shabby chic. A dark thick wood frame.

That's my two cents. ;)

hello gorgeous said...

Thank you for you ideas!

Well, the lamps on the dining room sideboard are new (and they're Frederick Cooper so they're $taying - get my drift? - and I love the shades! and the hurricanes are new Ralph Lauren and they're staying, too - they're a different shade of blue but when they have candles going they're gorgeous and I had designer help on the dining room stuff).

However, I love the idea of green in the powder room.

And LILAC in the family room would be so great! It would look like Windsor Smith's family/living? room? Only I think her chairs are ivory or something, they just look lilac in the light and she has that couch. Then I have to recover the window seat cover and change the little curtain things. I could get plantation blinds.

Oh, yeah, what about lamps for Fam. Rm? Style?

hello gorgeous said...

Oh, and those plaid pillows? Yes, they are gone. I had a lapse of judgment at Calico Corners one day.

The dining room chairs are upholstered, not the kind that unscrew. There is a window seat that coordinates so the colors in the room are brown, blue and goldish-tan. Maybe you need to see more pix. The fireplace room is the living room which is connected to the dining room. I think the picture is too close up.

And the teal in the painting is the same as the hurricanes and they're near one another. Just pointing that out.

But if the markets continue their absolute downward spiral, this is all moot because I won't have any money left to spend anyway.

Raina Cox said...

Oh boy, lamps are the hardest part of any room. I used to carry dozens in my shop and still had issues finishing off clients' rooms. Maybe if you find a few you like and post photos, we can all vote.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, I can't top Raina's expertise, so I won't even try.

Love the idea of olive for the powder room, and plum would be gorgeous.

BTW, your house is AMAZING. Love the leopard runner on the stairs!

hello gorgeous said...

I love "if you'd do that in a lilac I'd pass out." I will definitely do it then.

I love plum,too. I got samples today. I'll keep you up-to-date.

Thanks, guys, for your input. I really appreciate it. It's like posting naked pictures of yourself when you post your house and not even quality photos. I'll keep working on it.

David said...

Your dining room artwork is wonderful. And I'd recover that plaid chair in a burnt orange linen with some silver nailheads. Just my two cents.

hello gorgeous said...

Thanks, David. You could see the burnt orange linen (love the idea though) from the entry and I don't think the wallpaper (WHY DID I DO THAT?)would go with orange in this case.

Although, growing up in the 70s I have an aversion to burnt orange (esp. with brown and def. avocado/olive green)- oh no! I'm redoing my parents house! Ha.

No, seriously, that's a post in itself. Early American, anyone? Ayayay.

Simply Fab said...

I just adore your family room & the medley of photographs on the wall. =)

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