Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have a hair appointment today. As usual, I will take in a photo like this:
And I will tell my adorable, gorgeous, young hairdresser/stylist/designer that this is what I want my hair to look like. Uh huh. And I will be serious. Then she will say something real like, "Well, are you sure you want to make that kind of a time commitment toward daily hairstyling? Because you realize it took 5 stylists and 4 makeup artists 12 hours to create that, not to mention 5 years of pilates 3 times a day?" Yeah.

Then I say, "Well, how about this one?"
And because my stylist is looking forward to a very large tip, she doesn't smirk. She just says, "Well, this is brown and the other is blonde. Which do you prefer?"

And I say, "This?"
She will just smile. And I will say, "Oh, I'm just kidding. Let's do it like last time."

And I will leave with highlighted hair and a suburban mom blowout, cursing Angelina Jolie and her perfectly coiffed, glamorous ilk.

Welcome to my dreamworld.


Annie Crowninshield said...

Hey, if we don't have dreams than what DO we have! Beautiful blog, I'll be back!

hello gorgeous said...

Thanks so much!

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