Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spinachy goodness.

My stepdaughter is coming over tonight (from college) for her birthday dinner. She asked me to make spanakopita because she is veggie and it's her favorite. So, this is what I'll be making:

It is also one of my favorite things. You can freeze the leftovers and reheat in the oven and it tastes freshly made. Yum.

The recipe is from the Joy of Cooking All About Vegetarian cookbook. Find the recipe here.


David said...

I'm a confirmed carnivore, but I've discovered the beauty of a good vegetarian recipe when I substituted veggie stock for chicken stock in a butternut squash bisque.

Overcast and rainy, nearly cold here in Kansas City today, your spinachy goodness looks and sounds delicious.

hello gorgeous said...

Hi David - It's okay if you're a carnivore; this is a liberal blog. :-)

And it was good, thanks. It's funny, my husband used to panic if I was making something that didn't contain meat. He still eats meat, but much more infrequently now. I never thought I'd see the day.

And, luckily, Hanna missed us. So it's a beautiful day here today.

paperlily said...

Mmmm! I love spanakopita. All that spinach and feta goodness.

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