Friday, September 12, 2008

Chitty-Chitty Big Bang.

Of course you've read about the new super-mega-collider, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), lurking under the border of France and Switzerland that's going to smash atoms and quarks and other subatomic particles in an effort to try to recreate the Big Bang. If it doesn't work, it could create black holes big enough to suck up the Earth.

In fact, Stephen Hawking has a $100 bet that it won't work (that they won't find God's particle, that is). He thinks it will be more fun if it doesn't work because then they'll have to figure out what went wrong.

I want to party with Stephen Hawking.

And the guy who came up with this:


cotedetexas said...

why don't you list Funny Girl as your favorite movie? haha!!!

thanks for your sweet comment. I'm having the best time reading all of them tonight. we're fine. everythings ok right now.

thanks alot again!

hello gorgeous said...

Hey Joni -

Ha! Sadly, I do crack myself up. :-)

It's good to hear from you - I was checking in on your blog and had a lot of company, I see - isn't it comforting somehow to see how many people care about you who don't even actually know you? The power of the internet.

Stay safe.

Decorina said...

You are wonderful! I'll be back.

hello gorgeous said...

Hey, Decorina - Thanks for stopping by.

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