Friday, September 5, 2008

Time for some pretty.

I love the Williams-Sonoma Home store. The new September 2008 catalog cover doesn't really appeal to me, but the images inside do.

It is no surprise to me that I love this catalog so much. The March 2008 House Beautiful had an article on two of the men responsible: Patrick Wade, Sr. VP of Creative for West Elm and W-S Home and Dave DeMattei, Group Pres. for Williams-Sonoma. If you didn't see it, here is their fab place in San Fran:

I was so excited to see this because I had just finished painting my living room brown and it sort of confirmed my fabulous taste for me. :-) Here's my room immediately after painting, with furniture still moved around:

The furniture has been moved since then and the dead flowers are long since buried. Here's the before photo (you can see that I was going to try to make that yellow work with KWID's ubiquitous Imperial Trellis pattern - keep in mind this was 2 years ago, before said fabric was overdone):

It's a dark, north-facing room, so I (and apparently those before me) spent many, many hours searching for a color to lighten it up but I finally gave into its coziness and sort of recreated one of our favorite cocktail lounges which is what this room is used for practically every day in the cold months. I still haven't recovered or replaced those white chairs (which used to have leopard slipcovers).


Chazzy said...

Hi. Your new room looks great with the brown. My living room is yellow too and I hate it. I've been trying to decide what color to go with. I tried a sample of that Oatmeal from Restoration Hardware but it looks boring... Maybe I'll try the brown too.

hello gorgeous said...

Thanks, la chic.

I did the entire room backwards. I ordered the new sofa and drapes and then painted. I wouldn't recommend that, but I'm finally happy with the result.

That brown is Ralph Lauren from Home Depot - it's an interesting brown, not flat blah. Good luck with your living room - let me know how it goes!

katiedid said...

You actually did the room EXACTLY how it SHOULD be done! Bravo! Most people do paint before picking everything else out, but since paint colors are infinite, it is really the last thing to decide on. Love the transformation! Found you through Decorno! I like your blog.:)

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