Monday, September 8, 2008

Do Not Forget to Entertain Strangers.

Newport Beach, CA - 2006

"This is the Angel Gabriel. I met him on the Newport Beach pier as he was eating French Fries out of a trash can. He was homeless and hungry. I asked him if he would help me with a photograph and in return, I would buy him lunch.

The pier was very crowded and I wanted to take a 30-second exposure so that everyone would disappear except Gabriel. We tried a few shots and then Gabriel wanted to mess up his hair and hold his bible. The image worked and the only people you can see besides Gabriel are those 'ghosts' who lingered long enough for the camera.

Gabriel and I then went into a restaurant to share a meal; he ordered steak with mushrooms and onions. When it came, he ate it with his hands. I discovered he was Romanian and so am I, so we talked about Romania. He was simple, kind and a pleasure to talk with.

I asked Gabriel how I might contact him, in case I sold some of the photographs and wanted to share the money with him. He said I should give the money to someone who could really use it; that he had everything that he needed.

Then the Angel Gabriel walked away, content and carrying his only two possessions: a Bible and a bed roll."

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MIMILEE said...

WHAT a beautiful story of Gabriel.

We all become so encumbered by THINGS, don't we?

Thank you for inspiring me today!

Best Regards,

hello gorgeous said...

Thanks, Mimilee, for stopping by.

I love Cole Thompson's style and was really moved by this.

Glad you liked it, too!

Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with Cole Thompson's work, but will definately check it out!


cotedetexas said...

Beautiful photograph and story.

just beautiful!

hello gorgeous said...

Hi Joni - thanks so much for stopping by!

I happened onto him by happy accident and just had to share (with his permission).

Anonymous said...

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