Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Dream House Tour.

Welcome. Um, do you mind removing your shoes? I just spent a fortune on this place. Ha. Just kidding. Who wants a house like that? Here, grab a glass of wine, let's go.

Again, this is faux fur, the real fur is on the dogs. I might want to change out the light fixture to something a little more traditional, actually.

Henredon Acquisitions Dining Room. I usually don't like a set, but I love this!

I can't remember who this is. He does this beautiful hand-painted chinoiserie. These are my dining room walls.

Frank and Mia, photograph by Harry Benson, Truman Capote's Black and White Ball, NYC, 1966.

House Beautiful, October 2008. I'm loving the marble subway tile. But I'm changing out the art above the stove to black and white photography and those obelisks or whatever they are? They're gone now. So is the folk-art doll on the counter. And there's an enormous carved carrera marble fireplace behind the table.

My Living Room, aka The Janklow Pad, NYC, from Vogue.

Julian Schnabel, La Blusa Rosa.

My husband, George.

This is where George and I hang and watch movies and read. Yes, it's faux fur but the Picasso is original. We have a huge built-in bookcase so we can have all our favorite reads at arm's reach. Like this:

Actually, this is just for the pix because it's in German or something. But gorge photos of Steve McQueen, Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor.

I love Truman Capote. Such pathos.

You've already seen our bedroom.

Where we're watching MadMen before we go to sleep.

And our bathroom. Where George brushes his pearly whites.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. xo

And while this isn't exactly the climate to be talking about dream houses (although dreaming is free!), tell me about your dream house. Does your current house bear any resemblance?


TIG said...

Love your upgrades to the House Beautiful kitchen, and the Janklow living room? Completely perfect.

Raina Cox said...

When will you be accepting house guests?

hello gorgeous said...

Thanks, Glam. Come by anytime. :-)

Raina, I have your room ready. We can toast to our new president (fingers crossed). BTW, do you vote by absentee ballot?

Raina Cox said...

Yes, HG, it's the same ballot overseas military personnel use. And it's a helluva process, let me tell you.

porter hovey said...

The hand-painted chinoiserie walls are just amazing!! Wow!

David said...

My dream house bears no resemblance at all to our current residence. Our condo has an open floor plan and very traditional finishes.

The dream house is far more modern, more open, and with much more interesting surfaces. It's spacious, but not freakishly large. Downsizing into the current place has taught me we really can be happy without an excess of square footage.

My Notting Hill said...

Hi. You are the winner of my drawing for the Canadian House and Home magazine! Thanks for entering. You can email me your mailing address at mynottinghill (at) gmail.com. Love the kitchen in this post! Michele

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ooooh. Nice dream home!

Can I have my shoes back now?

Found you from Notting Hill...Congrats on the mag!

hello gorgeous said...

Oh, boy. Free stuff. Thanks Notting Hill! Love your blog.

Thanks for visiting Linda at Lime - sorry, my puppy, Stella, has a shoe fetish and she dragged one of your shoes to the sofa in the family room...it might be a little slobbered on.

72 and sunny said...

plesae tell me you removed that swag in your kitchen.

pve design said...

What's that saying, that we always have a twin lurking-well that is my twin home. Everything except for the Swag in the kitchen and the hall fixture and the view. Everything else is my twin home.

hello gorgeous said...

BB8 - That's so funny. I kept looking at that picture and thinking that I would definitely need to replace it with maybe plantation shutters but I didn't want to be so nitpicky. Glad somebody called me out on it. :-)

Oh, PVE, that's nice to hear. We will have to share George. If you are Mormon, that will help - we can be a really stylish polygamist cult. Oh, except I'm not Mormon. And neither is George. But you get the drift.

pve design said...

You can have George, I'll just settle for that dream house.

hello gorgeous said...

Deal *wink*

Anonymous said...

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