Friday, September 26, 2008

Bom Chicka Wah Wah.

Only two days until the long-awaited (by me) second season of "Californication," starring David Duchovny who is perfectly suited to the role of randy, self-loathing, asshole writer Hank Moody.

In Season One, Hank is a brilliant NYC-to-LA transplant suffering from a severe case of writer's block after his acclaimed novel is made into cinematic romantic drivel. He becomes unapologetically entangled in a web of booze and drugs and women until his life and livelihood take a turn for the worse after an inadvertent sexcapade with his ex-girlfriend's future stepdaughter, jailbait Mia, played to ruthless perfection by little Gracie from "The Nanny," Madeline Zima, who is all grown up.

Hank's ex-longtime-girlfriend, Karen, is played by the lovely Natascha McElhone. Karen is engaged to be married to an insipid yet stable guy but her passionate love for Hank's sorry ass results in a runaway bride situation which is where we are left at Season One's end.

Madeleine Martin plays wise-beyond-her-years, gothy band front member Becca, who at 13 is far sager and more mature than her dad. As a result, she feels her role is caretaker for her dad and moves in with him much to the chagrin of her mother.

Hank's agent, Charlie, is played to slimy yet lovable perfection by Evan Handler. You will remember him as Charlotte's doting husband from SATC.

Charlie's wife, Marcy, is played hysterically with no punches pulled by Pamela Adlon. If you like people who tell it like it is, you will love Marcy.

Season One is available On Demand and you can download it from iTunes and various places.

Be warned. This is not for the kids. There is filthy language and cable-y porn. So, put your kids to bed, keep the volume low and close the blinds so the neighbors don't think you're a perv. *Wink.*

Season Two starts on Showtime, Sunday, September 28 at 10 pm ET/PT.

*UPDATE: In the first two episodes of the new season, Charlie and Marcy are out of control and are kind of making me sick. Just so ya know.*


brandy said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad someone is loving the David as much as me (even with those pesky sex addictions!). We should form some sort of fan club.

Cristin said...

I just saw my first couple episodes last night. It's pretty hot... naked people and everything!

hello gorgeous said...

Oh, yes, me love David longtime. Ha. And you had to know he was a sex addict - I mean, did you ever see "Red Shoe Diaries?" I want to hear your name for the fan club, clever girl.

Cristin - I know. I really didn't even watch it last season because I didn't have Showtime then I watched it all on ON DEMAND over the summer. Now I'm hooked.

Camilla said...

Is it everything you want it to be & then some more? - No, don't tell me! Sometimes the anticipation is the goodness!!!(showing here in Australia soon - but not just yet!)

hello gorgeous said...

Camilla, I don't know if you saw last season or not. It is pretty perverted but I love the characters.

Although I watched the season premiere the other night with my hubby and I was practically blushing - I think he was kind of mortified that I like this show. They did seem to turn it up a notch this year.

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