Monday, September 8, 2008

There are 72?

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katiedid said...

Only 72????? Hahaha!

hello gorgeous said...

Hi katiedid - thanks for stopping by. I am over lurking at your blog quite often. :-) I will come over for a visit.

paperlily said...

Ha! Wow, penicillin and nylon! He really is old!

Decorno said...

The zip code? Plutonium?? Holy shit!

I really don't care that he's old. I hate that he's on the wrong side of most issues. Bummer for all of us.

hello gorgeous said...

Hey, Decorno - Oh, I don't either. However, that is funny as hell.

Good grief, I hope it's not a bummer for all of us. (I'm hoping for a better outcome.)

Thanks for coming to visit! You know how much I love you.

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