Friday, September 12, 2008

Dueling Price Tags.

I've noticed the same merchandise in different stores or catalogs for vastly different prices. For instance, this table appears in the Source Perrier catalog for $675 ;

and in the Room Service Home catalog for $349.

Now, these appear to be the exact same table, but if one was a copy, would you care?

For instance, Poul Henningsen's artichoke lamp, with a pricetag of $16,900 is available at Design Within Reach.

Here is a replica from Matt Blatt in Australia for $995 (made of aluminum rather than stainless steel):

Here is a light fixture from Federico Martinez for $650.

A replica can be found at Shades of Light for $295 (also available in rustic rust finish).

And then there is the Saarinen tulip table - at Design Within Reach for $1,400 - $3,450.

Ikea has the Docksta for $269.

Finally, Jonathon Adler's Chinese Chippendale chair (armless) for $550.

Here, Ballard Designs version (with arms) for $279.

Can you tell the difference? Or is it like cubic zirconium - you would just know?


annechovie said...

Very interesting post! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting and yes, of course, please feel free to link me anytime and thank you - I very much appreciate it!!! Have a super weekend!

hello gorgeous said...

Thanks for coming to visit me. Have a great weekend yourself!

Pigtown*Design said...

And how many people that see your table/lamp/chair will know if it's the real deal or the knock-off? That's what amazes me. I understand the intellectual property and copyright, but the differences in price are gob-smacking!

David said...

I think it all depends on what it is. The tulip table is iconic, and the proportions of the Ikea version are clunky when viewed side by side. Some might not notice, I think I would.

For something like a chinese chippendale chair, I don't require pedigree, just good looks, so I'll take the knock-off.

Jonathan Adler reminds me: I caught an episode of Top Design, is it just me or does Kelly Wearstler dress like a crazy woman?

hello gorgeous said...

Hey, P-D - Thanks for visiting! I love that logo and didn't realize there was actually a Pigtown and I only live about an hour from it. I'll definitely have to check it out.

David - I love Wearstler! I just love people who are who they are. Now, Margaret Russell scares the hell outta me.

Raina Cox said...

A company called Global Views wholesales a lot of what you see in higher end catalogs like Source Perrier, Horchow, Gumps, etc. I used to carry the line in my home store and always got a kick out of seeing what other retailers sold it for.

The first table you featured looks like their stuff.

Here's the website, but you have to have a log-in to get very far:

hello gorgeous said...

That's really interesting, Raina. I wasn't able to get in too far without an account, but could visit the showroom pix.

AJ812 said...

this looks like the first table too!

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