Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Must-Haves for Fall?

Everybody needs a good bed. And a nice sofa. Some lamps and throws. Some dishes and serveware. Flatware and nice cutlery. A Cuisinart and good pots and pans. You hope for nice appliances and a good washer and dryer. And, of course, a few other things.

When did people start needing these things?

From Frontgate, your resource for all things superfluous, the double wine chiller. You can choose from 33 (?!) preset temperatures, accommodating both red and white wine in dual-controlled luxury, $149.00.

Another beauty from Frontgate, perfect for any home. Especially if you live in Bedrock and your boss is Mr. Slate.

The slate and marble mosaic-topped gas fire pit, $1495.

I keep moving and they keep finding me. The Home Decorators Catalog offers this, um, classic?

The Mr. Stinker teepee holder for only $99.00. It's never too early to start thinking "Who don't I like for Christmas?"

From Williams-Sonoma, The BeerTender, a joint venture between Krups and Heineken:

The bad news? You're still drinking Heineken. Only $299.00 (down from a suggested $375).

Remember when ironing was bad enough? Again, from Frontgate, your worst nightmare:
The Precision Electronic Steam Press, $399.00.

If you'd like to save a tree (or a thousand) and opt out of catalogs you receive but never use, go here. It's easy and free.


Raina Cox said...

Who is Frontgate's customer? I've never been able to figure it out.

hello gorgeous said...

Once I saw Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) interviewed and she said she liked it, but other than that... :-)

annechovie said...

Frontgate is a little like skymall with higher prices. As my grandmother would say,"For people with more money than brain". Thanks for the link to opt out of unwanted catalogs - brilliant idea!

Raina Cox said...

That's it! An upscale Sky Mall. Brilliant!

hello gorgeous said...

Oh, yes, Skymall. I read recently about an item available: The "million-germ-eliminating travel toothbrush sanitizer" for $29.95.

How about a new toothbrush for $2.95?

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