Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ina Garten Can Make Ice Water Fattening.

Don't get me wrong. I love Ina. I have every single one of her cookbooks and I am eagerly awaiting the day I can buy her new cookbook, "Back to Basics."

In fact, I just made dinner from it. I made the mustard roasted red snapper that appears in the November House Beautiful. It was delicious. It had capers and dijon and creme fraiche.

Creme fraiche. Ina Garten is the only person who can make fish fattening.

There is also an article on Ina's new "barn" house in East Hampton. I hate to say anything negative but I am so over barn houses.

The Barefoot Contessa's new kitchen.

And, personally, I liked the old kitchen better but this counter runs approximately 18 feet, so it's function all the way.

Now the secret recipe for sticky buns? Oh, brother. I am pre-ordering this baby.


David said...

I'm not loving the cable lights strung across the room. But I like the cabinetry and countertop. Love the lamps in the island, which is a nice change from the usual line of pendants hanging down. And of course I'm a sucker for a big old painted accent piece.

Raina Cox said...

Oh man! Why mess with perfection? Does that mean she sold the shingled shangri-la?

I'm heartbroken.

72 and sunny said...

i love ina because she makes me feel like i'm on valium when i listen to her.

and i'm not over barn houses yet (living in a tiny beach bungalow) i'm loving that huge vacuous space.

pve design said...

I would dance on that countertop.
Whoa, "someone's in the kitchen with Ina" and that person is lucky!

hello gorgeous said...

David - Who cares about a big ol' painted piece when you have Paris?!

Raina - As usual, I agree.

BB8 - Ina is mellow and veree happee. I just found her place in Paris. I should post that. I'd love to see your beach bungalow. I'll search your site. I have a beach place but it's new - the beach deserves a bungalow.

pve - You're very clever. An artist and now you're writing punchlines...

Anonymous said...

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