Thursday, October 2, 2008

What To Do Tonight?

Hmmmm. I have an entire evening ahead of me with nothing to do.

I've made my Obama phone calls and have annoyed most of southern PA and now I'm DEBATING whether to go to a movie or maybe just call it an early night. Like in bed at 9. Or maybe both.

Any ideas?

(As the kids say, "Psyche!")

Okay, in an effort to add some excitement to the debate (as if it will need any), I am including a link here to Palin Bingo. You can play along while drinking Moosehead and listening to the soundtrack from "Fargo."

Feel free to chime in on the "Create Your Own Bingo Card" because I think this game could be much funnier. I will start with the square "Track in Iraq".

Off to the liquor store.

Oh, a little something to tide you over until 9 pm. The 1984 Miss Alaska Swimsuit Competition, starring Miss Sarah Heath (Palin):


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahaha! Nice ass strut, Miss Heath. I wonder if that is what did in McCain. His pervy old mind was probably thinking "Damn, I need to get me some of that!"

hello gorgeous said...

Oh, god. Ew, I think.

I am proud of my teenage daughter who is watching this of her own volition.

Go Joe.

Anonymous said...

Yes, eeeewwww!!!

I read Decorno after the debate and My boyfriend and I were laughing so hard we were crying.

Our Joe did beautifully. I was so proud of our little state!

Decorina said...

Just couldn't look at her.

Biden hung the moon and the stars.

Raina Cox said...

That Palin Bingo was awesome, even if they did leave out "noo-cu-lar."

Anonymous said...

I know, RIGHT?

Can we ATLEAST get a mother F'ing president to pronounce that word correctly??? Please????

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